Top Home Safety Tips for Caregivers

Part of caregiving is creating a safe environment for your loved one.

Is your home a safe haven or an obstacle course for the family member under your care? If you haven't taken the time to make some safety changes since becoming a caregiver, you probably have some hazards underfoot that you're unaware of. Changes to these potentially dangerous areas could protect your loved one from an accident at home.

  • Your Floors – Take a walk around your home and look for areas where tripping is a concern. Pay special attention to rugs and furniture placement.
  • Your Windows and Doors – You don't want these areas easy to open if your loved one is prone to wandering, but they do need to be able to safely enter and exit when needed.
  • Your Stairs – Handrails are essential if the patient under your care will be using the stairs. If not, make sure they are properly blocked off.
  • Your Bathrooms and Kitchen – Falls are common in these areas of the house. Always keep an eye out for a wet floor. Railings in the shower and by the toilet may need to be put in.
  • Your Lighting – Dark areas of your house or yard could cause your loved one to stumble over an unseen obstacle.
  • Your Water HeaterKeep your maximum temperature low to prevent accidental burns while showering or washing hands.

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