Road Safety Tips on Halloween

The roads can be a scary place on Halloween night.

We're not talking about ghosts and goblins here – there is a real danger that comes out after the sun sets (or before) on the evening of October 31st. This night is notorious for traffic accidents, especially ones involving pedestrians and children. If you're getting behind the wheel of a car, it's your responsibility to make sure no injuries or damages happen by your hand. These safety tips can help you travel from point A to point B without incident.

  • Watch out during peak trick-or-treating times and places. Some streets or neighborhoods may get more trick-or-treaters than others. Avoid these spots when possible. In most communities, the youngest kids head out with their candy bags as early as 4 PM. Older children may still be roaming the streets until 8 or 9 PM.
  • Go slow. Without causing traffic problems, try to go a little under the speed limit on Halloween. This will help you stay alert and aware of pedestrians.
  • Watch out for children who may dart into the street without warning. Even when supervised by adults, kids can be unpredictable – especially when sugar or fun costumes are involved. Be ready to brake at a moment's notice.
  • Put away your mobile devices. Friends calling or texting about tonight's Halloween plans? They'll have to wait until you're off the road.
  • Choose a designated driver. If your holiday plans include a little alcohol, make sure you have a safe and sober way of getting home.
  • Beware of costumes that impair your vision. Dressing up is fun, even for adults! But some parts of your attire may not be appropriate while you're driving. Wait until you arrive at your destination to put on masks, large hats, or costume glasses.

The Medical Center of Arlington is always working hard to keep your community safe and healthy. When you need a physician, keep us in mind. You can receive a referral when you call 1-855-868-6262.

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