When Should I Have My First Mammogram?

Is it time for you to make an appointment for your first mammogram?

Mammograms are an essential part of women's healthcare, but they are not recommended during every stage of a woman's life. Know when it's time for you to schedule your first. These guidelines will help you out.

Women over Forty

For most women, mammograms should begin at age 40. According to the National Cancer Institute, if you don't have any major risk factors, this is the ideal age to make your first appointment.

Women at a High Risk

Some women should begin mammograms at an earlier age. If you have any serious risk factors, your doctor may recommend this for you. These risk factors may include:

  • Your medical history – If you've been previously diagnosed with breast cancer, lobular carcinoma in situ (LCIS), or atypical hyperplasia, you want to consider early mammograms.
  • Your family history – Breast cancer has a strong genetic link, especially when found in a close relative, such as a mother or sister.
  • Radiation exposure – If you've undergone any type of radiation therapy in your chest, your risk for breast cancer is higher than the average woman.

Women with Breast Abnormalities

For some women, their first mammogram will be diagnostic rather than screening. This occurs when you notice a lump or other suspicious abnormality. Diagnostic mammograms are not the same as the typical annual screening. If you are in this situation, it's important to see a doctor before scheduling the procedure.

Have you determined that it's time for your first mammogram? We've got you covered! We're currently offering screening mammograms for $80 to all of our patients. Find out more about the breast imaging services at the Medical Center of Arlington, and give us a call at (817) 472-4857 to make your appointment.

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