What To Do When Your Child Has a Sports Injury

Injuries are an unfortunate reality of sports. Know what to do if your child is injured on the field.

Each year, more and more kids are participating in sports. Due to increased participation, sports injuries are the second leading cause of emergency department visits for children and adolescents.

Injury categories
There are three main types of sports injuries:

  • Acute injuries, which are related to a trauma like a sprain ankle or concussion
  • Overuse injuries, which are injuries caused by repetitive use of certain body part – an example would be little leaguer's shoulder.
  • Reinjury, which describes aggravating a previous injury often caused by returning to a sport before the injury had healed completely or properly

Parent triage
When your child suffers an injury, first access the situation. Some sports teams have medics, sports medicine trainers or first aid personnel available. If a professional is not available, determine if the injury resulted in obvious swelling, deformity, loss of function, bleeding, unconsciousness or possible broken bone. When the injury meets one of those criteria, seek medical attention at an ER or urgent care location.

When it's not serious
If your little leaguer catches a pop fly with his forearm instead of his glove or if your karate student take a kick to the thigh, home remedies will probably do the trick.

In these cases, used the RICE method:

  • Rest
  • Ice
  • Compression
  • Elevation

Follow orders
You athlete may be eager to return to competition, but it's important to follow doctors orders when is comes to the length of the healing process. By doing so, you'll prevent reinjury or further, more serious injury.

When an injury takes your little athlete out of the game, the Sports Medicine professionals at Medical Center Arlington can help. We are the official hospital of the Texas Rangers baseball team and our staff is equipped to hand orthopedic care with our state-of-the-art techniques. To request a phsycian referral, please call 1-855-868-6262.

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  1. This may not be totally related to this post, however it got me thinking training a child at a young age such as 7 years old in a sport such as swimming could this have effects on growth and wear and tear injuries in later life. I am thinking of this example because this is the age i was around when swimming training hard , which i then reached the national level at 13. But since turning into adult i have alot of problems cartilage wise on my knees, problems with easily dislocating knees/shoulders. And i always wonder would it of stunned my growth doing such hard training at a young age?