Easy Ways To Stay Hydrated in the Heat

Some simple strategies can help you beat the heat and stay healthy and hydrated.

It's especially important to stay hydrated during the hot Texas summer to help avoid heat-related illnesses such as heat cramps, heat stroke and heat exhaustion. To do so, decrease fluid loss by staying indoors during the heat of day between 10am and 4pm and increase your water consumption. Not sure how to make sure you drink more? Here are a few simple strategies:

• Keep a log. Measure the amount of water your drink or count the number of bottles of water you consume. Set a goal and check your progress throughout the day. 

• Make it routine. Drink water with each meal and snack. Also look for other good opportunities to drink during your day such as while you commute to work each morning or while you watch the evening news each night.

• Make it easy. Use a small bottle if being able to carry it in your purse is your biggest concern. Or use a larger bottle if not having to refill often is a priority.

• Make it more appealing. Be sure to always have cold water on hand if that's the only type you enjoy drinking Or try flavored water if that helps you drink more, but beware any beverage that contains too many calories, caffeine or sugar.

• Eat more fruit and vegetables. Remember that in addition to drinking water, you can consume water via certain foods and that the majority of produce contains healthy amounts of water.

A heat-related illness can be a medical emergency that requires you to call 911 immediately. To learn more about heat exhaustion and heat stroke, read our online Health Information pages. To learn more about Medical Center Arlington's Emergency Services, visit us online. If you would like to request a physician referral, call us at 1-855-868-6262 today.

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