Am I Pregnant? When To Test

There are some common signs that might give you reason to schedule a pregnancy test.

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Wondering if you’re expecting? Well, there’s one way to find out. According to the American Pregnancy Association, the following symptoms can be early signs of pregnancy. So if you’re experiencing any of these things, it’s time to take a pregnancy test.

Missed period. Missing a period or other changes in your menstrual cycle, such as spotting or a shorter and/or lighter period, can clue you into a pregnancy.

Unusual fatigue. The key here is that it’s not your typical feeling of being tired. If even after a good night’s sleep or plenty of rest and relaxation, you’re still tired, your body might be telling you something.

Nausea. Morning sickness, though not always an issue just in the morning, is often a symptom during the first couple of months of pregnancy. Along with nausea, you may find yourself craving certain foods and/or feeling queasy at the thought of other foods.

Headache. Hormonal changes associated with pregnancy can often cause headaches. If you can rule out stress, sickness or other such causes, a headache may be a sign you’re pregnant.

Backache. Likewise, if you can rule out a pulled muscle or other such issue, an achy lower back can be a sign of the same thing.

Tender breasts. Swollen and sensitive breasts are often one of the earliest and most easily recognizable signs of pregnancy. While many things can cause a headache, fewer factors typically can contribute to tender breasts.

Frequent urination. A pregnant woman’s need to urinate commonly increases as soon as approximately two months after conception.

If you think you might be pregnant, call your doctor’s office and schedule a pregnancy test. If you need free pregnancy testing, visit the Medical Center Arlington Free Pregnancy Testing Center. No appointment is necessary, and the center is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 am until 4:30 pm. For more information, call the center at 817-460-1147. If you would like to find a doctor to speak with, please call 1-855-868-6262 for a physician referral.

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