The Benefits of Occupational Therapy after Joint Replacement

Occupational therapy can foster a successful recovery after joint replacement surgery.

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Along with preparing for joint replacement, it is wise to prepare for the time it takes to recover. Occupational therapy can foster your recovery and offers an array of benefits.

• Professional attention. A skilled occupational therapist can evaluate your condition, consider your needs and environment, and help set goals. He or she can design a program of activities to help you regain full use of your new joint, monitor your progress and make changes to the prescribed program if necessary.

• A plan of action. When choosing helpful activities, your occupational therapist will take into consideration your age, overall physical health, any significant aspects of your home life and the demands of your job. Your therapy will specifically target your needs and help you recover from surgery so that you are capable of performing your everyday tasks.

• Personalized guidance. After joint replacement, it is sometimes easy to either do too much too soon, or to baby your new joint and not do enough to get moving again. An occupational therapist can relieve some of the stress associated with recovery after surgery by helping you push just the right amount.

• A successful recovery. Occupational therapy plays an important part in regaining full and proper use of your new joint. Joint replacement surgery provides you with a new joint; occupational therapy helps teach you how to use it successfully.

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