What is Endometriosis?

Endometriosis is a common and treatable women's health-related condition.

So you've heard of endometriosis, but aren't sure what exactly it is? Well this March, National Endometriosis Awareness Month, is a great opportunity to find out.

Endometriosis Defined
Endometriosis is a women's health issue that involves cells from the uterus forming endometrial tissue implants that grow outside the uterus. It can cause significant pain and even infertility.

Risk Factors
Endometriosis is a common condition that's often diagnosed in women between the ages of 25 and 35. You're more likely to suffer from endometriosis if your menstrual cycle started at an early age, your mother or sister has the condition, and/or your periods are frequent or last longer than one week.

Treatment depends on your age, the specific symptoms you suffer, the state of the disease and whether or not future pregnancy is an issue. Options may include:

  • pain management medication
  • hormone medication designed to stop the progression of the disease
  • surgery to remove the endometriosis or possibly the uterus and ovaries 

At Medical Center Arlington, we offer a robotic endometriosis resection surgery as well as a robotic hysterectomy using the da Vinci® Si Surgical System. Such procedures are recommended treatment for many women suffering from endometriosis. When compared to traditional surgery, these minimally invasive procedures tout benefits including less pain, less blood loss, less scarring, a faster recover and in many instances, a better overall outcome.

To learn more about endometriosis, visit the Health Information section of our website. To learn more about robotic surgery at Medical Center of Arlington, visit us online or call us at (817) 472-4944. If you would like help finding a doctor, please call our physician referral line at 855-868-6262.

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