Top Tips for Baseball Training

Following a few simple training tips might help you have a winning baseball season.

Play ball! Before too long, we'll be hearing that call to action, but before you start swinging for the fence and running around the bases, be sure to train properly. Following a few training tips can be key to having a winning season.

• Condition. Get your body ready for the season by working out your joints and major muscle groups. Give special attention to areas that often pose a problem for baseball players, such as your back, shoulders, elbows, knees, quads, hamstrings and achilles. An exercise routine that includes running and other aerobic activities, weight training and yoga can often help a player get in top form. And remember, don't take the field cold for practice or a game; always warm up first.

• Prevent and treat injuries. In addition to conditioning, massage therapy and paying attention to signs of overuse can help prevent injuries. If you do suffer an injury, treat it promptly and be sure to let a serious injury heal properly before getting back in the game.

• Seek professional care when needed. Medical Center Arlington is a leader in sports medicine and skilled in providing orthopedic care for not only the pros, as we are the official hospital of the Texas Rangers, but also for people who take the field only for weekend fun. Such professional care can play an important part in keeping you healthy and helping to treat injuries.

To learn more about physical fitness and Medical Center Arlington's sports medicine and orthopedic services, visit us online or call our physician referral service at 1-855-868-6262.

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