Robotic Surgery Benefits for Women

Minimally invasive robotic surgery offers women many benefits over traditional surgery.

If you're a woman considering surgery, talk with your doctor about the possibility of a robotic surgical procedure. Some of the many benefits of minimally invasive surgery include less pain and a quicker recovery.

How Does it Work?
During robotic surgery, a surgeon makes very small incisions through which he or she employs tiny surgical tools and a three-dimensional camera. The surgeon is situated at a state-of-the-art computer console and uses the images provided by the camera to determine how to move the robotic arm attached to the tools. Robotic surgery can often offer greater benefits than traditional surgery.

The Benefits
Because it is minimally invasive and grants a surgeon enhanced control and the ability to make very precise movements, robotic surgery results in significantly less bleeding, scarring, pain and risk of infection than traditional surgery. In addition, recovery from a robotic procedure is faster and often more clinically successful than recovery from traditional surgery.

When It's an Option
Robotic surgery is often the prescribed course of action to treat women suffering from cancer, uterine fibroids, endometriosis and other gynecological conditions. Instead of traditional open surgery or conventional laparoscopy, myomectomy, hysterectomy, sacralcolpopexy and endometriosis resection can all be performed robotically.

Medical Center Arlington is the first hospital in Tarrant County to have the latest in robotic technology, the da Vinci® Si. The Si is the newest and most advanced version of the da Vinci® robotic surgical system. To learn more about how robotic surgery at Medical Center Arlington may benefit you, visit us online or call us at (817) 472-4944.

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