The Benefits of Prenatal Care

Prenatal care can help keep both you and your baby healthy.

Pregnant? Prenatal care can help keep both you and your baby healthy. In honor of National Birth Defects Prevention Month, here are a few of the big benefits of getting proper prenatal care.

Checking on mom's health. Your doctor will not only monitor your weight and check your blood pressure, but he or she will also test you for gestational diabetesgroup B strep and more. During pregnancy, your health is vital to the health of your growing baby.

Checking on baby's health. By performing ultrasounds and other procedures, your doctor will monitor the health and development of your growing baby. He or she will estimate your due date, calculate your baby's length and weight and check your baby's positioning. In addition, your doctor can  screen your baby for a variety of diseases and conditions including down syndromecystic fibrosis and heart defects.

Answering your questions. Prenatal care visits are a good opportunity to talk with your doctor about pregnancy, labor and delivery and caring for your baby after he or she is born. Your doctor can answer questions about weight gain, foods to eat and those to avoid, exercising while pregnant, signs of labor, different types of contractions, pain management options during delivery, breastfeeding and more.

To learn more about having a healthy pregnancy and preparing for the birth of your baby, visit us online or call us at 817-472-4787. If you would like a physician referral, please give us a call at 855-868-6262.

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