How to Start an Exercise Routine

Starting an exercise routine just might be easier than thinking of good excuses not to.

Want to get fit, but wondering where to begin? Here’s how to start an exercise routine:

Start small. Try walking before you commit to running, or participate in a beginner’s water aerobics class instead of vowing to swim 100 laps. Taking on too much, too soon can not only zap your motivation, but it can also cause injury.

Start with something you like. Consider participating in a class or playing a team sport if you’re the type of person who thrives on camaraderie. Perhaps yoga is more your speed if you’re looking for something peaceful and relaxing.

Start with realistic expectations. Remember that getting fit will take time, and focus on all the benefits along the way. Perhaps you feel less winded walking up the stairs, or maybe you can fit into a pair of pants that were previously too small.

Start with a plan for when motivation wanes. Have a strategy in place for those days when you don’t feel like sticking to your exercise routine. Maybe have a friend who is willing to work out with you or have a handy list of the health benefits associated with regular physical activity in order to boost your motivation.

Start today. As long as your doctor deems you healthy enough to exercise, there’s no good reason not to start getting fit today.

To learn more about exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle, talk to your doctor. Need help finding one? Use our online Find a Physician service or call us at 1-855-868-6262.

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