Halloween Costume Safety Tips for Parents

Help your kids have a safe, memorable Halloween.

This year, make sure your child’s costume is safe for attending school and trick-or-treating. Try these simple tips to ensure your child has a fun, healthy Halloween while dressing up.

Avoid weapons as props.
If your child insists on carrying a weapon as a prop, make sure that it’s made of a very flexible material and that there are no sharp edges. Wooden swords or axes are not safe. Guns should be brightly colored and unmistakably fake. The safest option is to avoid weapon props entirely.

Make sure masks are safe.
Not every store-bought mask is appropriate for a child or for trick-or-treating in the dark. Eye holes can create blind spots and ventilation may not be adequate for kids running around outside. Check masks carefully and modify as needed to make sure your child can see and breathe.

Avoid tripping hazards.
Big boots, long robes and ill-fitting costumes can be tripping hazards. To help your child avoid a fall this Halloween, make sure her costume fits well. Walking around in the dark can be especially dangerous if the costume presents a fall hazard.

Test all makeup products.
The CDC recommends doing a spot test with face makeup. In some cases, kids can experience allergic reactions and rashes. Test before Halloween to avoid mishaps. Also test makeup remover and avoid getting it in a child’s eyes when washing it off. It’s best to stick to makeup formulated for children.

Use hairspray outside.
Use hairspray and spray-on hair color in a well-ventilated area, preferably outside. Toxic fumes can cause lightheadedness and nausea. Always keep aerosol sprays away from open flames.

Are you looking for more Halloween safety tips? Our Health Library offers some great tips here. To find a physician referral at Medical Center Arlington, please call 1-855-868-6262.

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