What to Expect from Cardiac Rehabilitation

Cardiac rehabilitation not only helps a heart surgery patient recover, but reduces the risk of future heart complications.

Will you be having heart surgery followed by cardiac rehabilitation in the near future? Here’s what you can expect from your recovery:

Expect to create a plan of action. Chances are you need to make some significant lifestyle changes. As a part of cardiac rehabilitation, you’ll undergo a medical evaluation and work with your doctors and other healthcare providers to create a realistic plan detailing expected progress, goals and maintenance responsibilities. Your recovery will likely seem less daunting when it’s mapped out in this fashion.

Expect to learn. Knowledge is a key component of cardiac rehabilitation. You’ll work with healthcare professionals ranging from doctors to registered dietitians to learn how to reduce your risk of heart problems, how to eat a heart-healthy diet, how to stop smoking and more.

Expect to exercise. Exercise is an important aspect of cardiac rehabilitation. In an effort to heal your heart and reduce your risk of complications, you’ll be encouraged to implement an exercise routine. You’ll learn how to start exercising safely, as well as how and when to intensify your workouts.

Expect support. At the Medical Center of Arlington, you won’t go it alone. Here, cardiac rehabilitation also includes the opportunity to participate in support groups. By meeting with others who have experienced similar heart issues, you’ll discover proven strategies for coping, dealing with stress, avoiding depression and successfully forming long-term healthy habits.

To learn more about heart health, visit Medical Center of Arlington online or, for a physician referral, call us at 1-855-868-6262.

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