Imaging Technology: Get to Know Our Diagnostic Tools

A picture is worth a thousand words. A picture of the inside of your body might be worth even more while diagnosing and treating injuries and health problems. The outpatient program at Medical Center Arlington offers diagnostic services in the radiology department and cardiac program.MRI2

What should patients expect during the diagnostic testing process?
Patients can drive up to the door and receive complimentary valet parking. The staff at Medical Center Arlington will greet you and escort you to your imaging destination. Our imaging department technicians are certified experts and they work to ensure that a patient’s visit is as comfortable and informative as possible. A digital technology called PACS stores all images electronically. These images can then be transferred throughout the hospital to be viewed from various locations including doctors’ offices and other remote locations.

What diagnostic imaging services are available at MCA?
Diagnostic imaging can be used to view problems in the brain, head, lungs, heart, bones, breasts, digestive system, and other problem areas. Doctors can diagnosis illness and injury in a more efficient, cost effective, and non-invasive way through various types of imaging. Medical Center Arlington has the following imaging services available:

  • GE HDx 1.5 Tesla MRI
  • Toshiba 64-slice Cat Scan
  • GE 16-slice Cat Scan (dedicated to the Emergency Department)
  • Cardiac, Vascular, Women’s and general Ultrasound
  • Nuclear Medicine
  • Mobile PET/CT
  • General X-ray
  • Digital Mammography: this technology has improved enough to allow diagnosis of breast cancer up to one year sooner, resulting in more successful treatment.

Are you concerned about your exposure to radiation during diagnostic imaging?
You can rest assured knowing we prioritize your safety and only expose you to the minimal amount of radiation necessary. To learn more about radiation amounts and our diagnostic imaging procedures, please visit our page about Radiation Right.

Would you like to learn more about your diagnostic imaging options?
Please visit Medical Center Arlington online or contact us at (817) 465-3241. The MCA Mansfield Imaging Center can be reached at (817) 473-3901.

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