Healthy Holiday Hints

Sugarplum fairies and jolly men in flying sleighs will dance through your imagination this holiday season. From the cutting of the turkey to the midnight toast, the holiday season offers many distractions from a healthy lifestyle. However, making good choices this holiday season will ensure that you really do have a Happy New Year.Grandpa carves turkey

Nutrition & Portions

It’s easy to get carried away with the delicious foods and desserts offered at holiday parties. Plan ahead by eating a small healthy meal before your big event. This will keep you from being as tempted by high-calorie treats. Stick to one plate of food that includes a small sample of a dessert. Bring a healthy dish with fruits, vegetables, or hummus as your party contribution and encourage others to join you in eating healthy. Find healthy alternatives to your favorite treats so you can enjoy without guilt or extra pounds.


Avoid drinking alcohol to excess this holiday season. The average person can safely have one beer, glass of wine, or liquor drink each hour. Know your own limits and stop drinking before you lose control of your judgment. Always agree upon a designated driver before heading out to a party. Never drive when you have had anything to drink. Leaving your car and taking a cab or other public transportation is a minor inconvenience compared to what could happen if you are in an accident or get pulled over.


Getting stressed out during the holidays can distract you from the true purpose of the season. If you are rushing around to get everything perfect all while worrying about spending too much money, you may miss out on the meaning of the holidays. Instead, make time to enjoy the simple things with your family and loved ones.


Don’t neglect your physical health during the holidays. The cold weather is a good excuse to curl up by the fire, but you can still get a good workout in during the holiday season. Yoga in front of the fire is one way to stay in shape. Park at the back of the lot when you’re holiday shopping to extend your walk. Play interactive video games indoors with your family, or head outside for a brisk walk while you admire neighborhood decorations.


You’ll be hugging and greeting many people this holiday season. Wash your hands frequently to avoid spreading germs during the peak of flu season. Encourage children to wash up as well and avoid sharing drinks or food with friends to limit the spread of germs. Stay warm and cozy in the cold weather so your immune system will remain strong.

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