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You probably already know that Medical Center Arlington is the official hospital of the Rangers Baseball Team. But did you know that MCA and the Rangers have teamed up to promote health and fitness in area schools? Dubbed the MCA Fitness All-Stars, the Rangers and MCA have created a fitness-themed learning program and easy-to-use educational aids to get kids informed and excited about being active.

And how do MCA and the Rangers communicate their message effectively to children? They use humor and active play, of course. Team mascot “Rangers Captain” is always on the scene to illustrate the fundamentals of fitness in a fun and entertaining way. Children then get up and get going by playing tug of war or throwing baseballs with the Rangers. Kids learn that fitness is as fun as it is healthy. The MCA Fitness All-Stars have also enjoyed participation from local fire departments too – which only adds to the excitement of the day.

What are some essential areas that the MCA Fitness All-Stars would like to promote?

  •  Warm-ups. Children should warm up their muscles to avoid common sports injuries.
  • The basics of cardiovascular exercise. Encouraging heart-pumping exercises with a fun dot race keeps kids moving.
  • Strength training. Kids learn that they can get stronger without lifting weights.
  • Nutrition. Simple, easy to understand nutrition tips are explained so that kids can make better choices about their diet.

With the team mascot “Rangers Captain” leading the pack, this interactive children’s fitness program has certainly rallied their charges and found success throughout our local communities.

 If you would like to learn more about the MCA Fitness All-Stars, please visit the Rangers website. For more information about children’s health and nutrition, please visit our website or call (817) 465-3241 for more information.


MCA Fitness All-Stars (Texas Rangers)

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