Could Sports Medicine Help Your Aches and Pains?

Think you have to be a professional athlete to reap the benefits of sports medicine? Think again. Weekend warriors and marathon runners alike—as well as senior citizens and people with work-related injuries—can take advantage of sports medicine approaches to recognize, manage and rehabilitate injuries related to physical activity.

What is sports medicine?

Sports medicine doctors treat patients with sport-related injuries as well as other issues related to sports and recreational activities. Because doctors in this field are knowledgeable in cardiology, emergency medicine, orthopedics, exercise, nutrition, psychology and other fields, physicians can do so much more than prevent injury and illness by improving patients’ overall health, fitness, and well-being.

What kind of training does a sports medicine physician have?

Physicians go through a specialized medical training program tailored to treat sport and exercise-related injuries. This training, which primarily focuses on the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of injuries, usually occurs during a fellowship program after doctors finish a residency program—such as primary care or orthopedics.

Sports medicine treats many common conditions.

From arthritis to tendonitis, sports medicine treats conditions of the knee, shoulder, elbow, hip, foot, ankle and more. Sports medicine doctors provide specific treatment based on the type of ailment and severity, which can include surgery, medication, strengthening exercises—even massage and acupuncture.

Things to consider when choosing a sports medicine doctor.

Aches and pains accompany most types of physical activity at one point or another. Because sports medicine is based on injuries seen in athletes, sports medicine physicians might be the best match when dealing with a training injury (as opposed to a family doctor). When selecting a sports medicine provider, experts recommend asking what degrees and certificates the practitioner holds and the amount of experience the doctor has treating athletes, as well as their treatment specialty.

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American Medical Society for Sports Medicine

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